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Transformative Event

I want to use this blog to record anomalous events in my life and report them as best as I'm able to remember. These will not be shared on any social media, as don't want to draw too much attention to them.  The event in this post details one of the strangest experiences of my life and has been transformative in how I view the so-called UFO phenomenon. I also realise that it may indicate some psychological problems. I want to share it regardless since it's been quite impactful personally. These types of events are also irregular enough that I'm not overly concerned about my mental health. When my two older boys were younger, a friend and I used to take them, and his son, camping each summer over a several-year period. We usually take a few photos when we're travelling and I'm lucky enough to have a copy of a photograph that was taken the day before the event, in essentially the same seated position. We were staying in a wooden cabin in th

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