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Communication with Non-Human Intelligence, Visionary Experiences, & Propulsion Science in Space

Written by  Jay09784691 In a previous article and video, I’d explored details around one of the scientists that was listed in the leaked AATIP slides that had direct references to potential anomalous implants. I’m now going to explore one of the other scientists listed within the report, this time Dr. George Hathaway. The purpose of this article is to bring him, his company, and his work into clearer focus, while demonstrating some interesting connections to other AATIP scientists. There are two papers associated with Dr. Hathaway in the slide, as follows:  1. Superconducters in Gravity Research 2. Maverick vs. Corporate Research Cultures I have highlighted the two associated papers in the following image: For this article, I want to delve into an aspect of this that ties together several threads of this initially complex puzzle into what will be, hopefully, a more coherent picture. Further aspects of these DIRD reports will be deconstructed later in this blog post. I'll also explo

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