Communication with Non-Human Intelligence, Visionary Experiences, & Propulsion Science in Space

Written by Jay09784691

In a previous article and video, I’d explored details around one of the scientists that was listed in the leaked AATIP slides that had direct references to potential anomalous implants. I’m now going to explore one of the other scientists listed within the report, this time Dr. George Hathaway. The purpose of this article is to bring him, his company, and his work into clearer focus, while demonstrating some interesting connections to other AATIP scientists.

There are two papers associated with Dr. Hathaway in the slide, as follows: 

1. Superconducters in Gravity Research

2. Maverick vs. Corporate Research Cultures

I have highlighted the two associated papers in the following image:

For this article, I want to delve into an aspect of this that ties together several threads of this initially complex puzzle into what will be, hopefully, a more coherent picture. Further aspects of these DIRD reports will be deconstructed later in this blog post. I'll also explore a few connections to other scientists that wrote papers for The Pentagon's UFO projects.

While Dr. Hathaway’s papers themselves sound interesting, it’s actually difficult to derive much detail about their content, so I’ll instead start with some of Dr. Hathaway’s previous research that’s publicly available and then move to other papers with similar associations.

Many people that are interested in UFOlogy are familiar with a man named John Hitchison, he had profound and bizarre incidents occurring around him during the 1980s and 1990s. While experimenting with many pieces of technology and he had seemingly created effects in materials that are, to this day, not properly understood. These included things like; blending of metals and woods together through some anomalous means, jellification of various materials, and the levitation of objects. All of these effects were dubbed “The Hutchison Effect”. These are well documented throughout the internet featuring many videos and articles, so I will not overemphasize the point here. What’s interesting and ties directly to George Hathaway is that he features on several videos during this era, since he had visited Hutchison observing some of the effects himself. He also wrote a book about him titled “Mindbending: The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1996”, it was published in October 2009, with the Kindle version becoming available on the 6th of October 2016.

What’s particularly interesting about this is that it’s very clear that George Hathaway, a man contracted by the US government on their obvious UFO program, was very much interested in the anomalous for the past 40 years at the very least. This interest is still evident to this very day. Seeing as The Pentagon had work contracted out to Hathaway, it’s clear that some within the intelligence services consider anomalous mental and physical effects as connected to the UFO phenomenon, even if they're indirectly related.

We’re much more easily able to see other research that George Hathaway has conducted as we investigate his website and related company: Hathaway Research International.

The website itself looks very professional and at first glance appears to have very standard research and development, just hidden behind this thin veil we can start to get a better understanding of some of the potential studies being performed at the company.

Anomalous Communications

Within the “Research” area of the site, we’re able to see some of the “Current Projects” that Hathaway Research International are currently working on. One is listed as “rTMS Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” and describes a device that can “enhance certain human cognitive faculties”. There is also a relating patent of the company's own magnetic coil design titled "Magnetic Stimulation Probe".

While the website isn't clear on the "faculties" it's referring to, I wonder if it is an indirect reference to increasing psi functionality. These cranial devices allow for a pulsed magnetic field to stimulate different areas of the brain and also ties back to some separate research in a paper titled:

The Electromagnetic Induction of Mystical and Altered States within the Laboratory

This document describes how the majority of normal participants involved in the study, also using an rTMS system, reporting a “sensed presence from a sentient being" in proximity. The paper suggests that these sensed presences are likely caused by the two brain hemispheres interacting in a non-typical manner due to the magnetic stimulation potentially causing some separation between them. It even goes as far as to suggest that these brain interactions may explain why some people describe communications with gods, deities and “other dimensional” beings, as can be seen in this screenshot from the paper itself:

It would seem likely that Dr. Hathaway is investigating these devices precisely because of this supposed functionality. Elsewhere on the Hathaway Research website, we can see references to their "Analytical R&D Experience and competencies".

One of the bullets that’s listed on the page states they have a “…large double electrically isolated [radio frequency] anechoic chamber”. 

Now let us consider that Nikola Tesla also used Faraday Cages (these also isolate from electromagnetic waves) and he too made claims of extrasensory perception. Considering we now have two devices 1. a room that isolates people from electrical interference, and 2. A device that enhances brain function while magnetically stimulating it. You’ve got to wonder whether these devices could be used in tandem on patients with already significant and unique abilities to increase their ESP function to previously unheard of levels. Elsewhere on the website, I found an image of Hathaway's own anechoic chamber and it's definitely large enough to seat a person:

It makes me think of the work that is being performed by Dr. Garry Nolan and Dr. Kit Green and their patients with unique cognitive and intuitive abilities. They might benefit from this type of magnetic stimulation, especially once placed inside an anechoic chamber or Faraday cage.

Additionally, this potentially ties back to a paper that Dr. Hathaway wrote in conjunction with Dr. Michael Ibison who was once associated with Dr. Harold Puthoff’s company EarthTech International. They collectively wrote a paper in 2011 with the title:

SETI by Entanglement

For those that do not know, SETI stands for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligences”.

The paper itself is essentially referring to quantum entanglement as a means of communication with extraterrestrials. It suggests that a non-human intelligence may have a communication technique that’s different to the usual speech or acoustic methods that people use and that some form of communication can be made with extraterrestrials using thoughts and visualisation techniques. It also references the StarGate remote viewing program that the Defence Intelligence Agency performed in the latter part of the last century. Again, relating back to the work of Dr. Harold Puthoff. 

Anyone that’s read the book American Cosmic by Dr. Diana Pasulka will be familiar with the concept of people being able to communicate directly with ET, as she was in contact with a man that worked for NASA who had claimed to be able to make these types of communications and even created patents and tools as a result of these communications. This man, given the alias Tyler, even claimed that people when in possession of anomalous materials, supposedly from a UFO crash site, were able to obtain information anomalously from the material. Considering Tyler states that only “some people” can pick up on these anomalous communications I wonder if this again ties back to the special patient population that’s being studied by Green and Nolan. Either way, it’s very easy to tie these various pieces of research that’s being performed by Hathaway and determine some potential other research that’s maybe less public into ET or anomalous communications.

We may have access to all information, but those outside of normal memories and perceptions are harder to interpret since we have no direct association to the original source. So we're at risk of rejecting them. Once we conceptualise how to understand and accept that information, we may then better able to receive data that's not directly associated with ourselves.

As I write this, I’m reminded of a paper by Dr. Bruce Towe a man that I’d previously written an article on because of his governmental work on anomalous implanted devices. The title is:

Analysis of Technically Inventive Dream-Like Mental Imagery

Dr. Towe wrote this in conjunction with Cay Randall-May, an intuitive medical consultant, they describe how people (presumably those like Randall-May) can get themselves into a state of “altered awareness” and get visions of devices and machinery in their mind’s eye, while they're in a trance-like state. Again, this ties directly to the work of Hathaway and some of the devices that he’s investigating as part of his research. 

It’s worth noting at this stage that the Affiliations section of the Hathaway Research International website mentions another company titled “Phoenix Advanced Concepts”. After a quick Google search we can see that this company has a single employee; Bruce Towe. So the links between these two men, their organisations, and their projects are directly and indirectly related. They must have performed joint work between them. I wonder if the rTMS system and anechoic chamber were ever used in conjunction with an intuitive like Randall-May. Any results from these types of tests would be fascinating, but are purely speculation on my part due to the research being performed and obvious links between the two, it's possible however, that these intuitives have no need for such devices.

Even the homepage of Hathaway Research International has the phrase "Turning Ideas into Reality" which consolidates some of the previously mentioned work and the esoteric idea of machines derived from the mind's eye and making them real.

I'd previously argued that consciousness maybe a polymorphic interface and the idea of being able to communicate between disparate species using thoughts, if true, would add weight to that idea.

There's also the subtext on the homepage that states "Frontier Scientific Research and Development", which I'd hazard a guess has some relation to the second DIRD report that Hathaway wrote for the AATIP; "Maverick vs. Corporate Research Cultures". Hathaway likely considering his company to be more maverick than corporate. Judged the work he's performing, I can only agree that the work is more open to the esoteric and anomalous.

Objective Data from Skinwalker Ranch

Within the Current Projects section of the Hathaway website we can see a subsection titled “HRI Autonomous Field Deployable Multi-Sensor Anomalous Event Detector” and an image of the device, as follows:

This detector has multiple sensors present within it that allow for data collection. The website notes 14 separate capabilities. These vary from radiation detection, temperature, visual, and magnetometers among others. I’d previously highlighted this to SilvaRecord and he had written an article about how he’d observed that the same device was present in the recent TV show called Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. You can see how similar the two devices are by comparing the two photos. These are obviously exactly the same devices that must have been developed by Hathaway, only the one from the TV show appears to have an extra antenna protruding from the top of the device.

In parts of the TV show it’s possible to see data that could have been collected by the device on computer screens. The one that we see on the show is also marked “4”, so there must be at least four of these devices at the ranch that are collecting data. Presumably some of this data must go back to Hathaway for analysis, but the related reports and studies are not available to the public. Whether these were accessible by the AATIP or AAWSAP is unknown. We can safely assume that these devices must be placed at similar locations across the US/World. The website has an image that shows the devices sending their data to the Amazon Cloud, which is then accessible in a web portal, a smart phone portal, and via email alerts. The email alerts presumably have specific conditions in order for the email to be generated - significant anomalous data hopefully.

The Hathaway DIRD Reports and Associated Papers

As stated at the beginning of this blog, George Hathaway has two of the AATIP DIRD reports associated with him and his company. While we don’t have access to the original files, we can actually derive some information about them since scientific papers tend to be revised and reworked, therefore outside of any related classification.

Looking at the AATIP slides with the associated papers, it’s possible to see not only the author but their relating affiliation. Most of the scientists here are affiliated with US based universities. Hathaway is an exception here, he is reported as simply “Hathaway”. Additionally, searching for scientific papers associated with “George Hathaway” has too many results that aren’t so easy for filter for relevancy, a lot of people, presumably, sharing the same name. During my search I was able to determine that his papers tend to be written with the association of “Hathaway Consulting Services”, at least they were when the AATIP’s presentation was created in financial year 2009, according to slide 8.

As a reminder, one of the two papers he wrote for The Pentagon’s AATIP was titled “Superconducters in Gravity Research”. Crosschecking the leaked AATIP slide against the list of DIRD reports that George Knapp released, we can see exactly the same title in both. 

Sometimes there are variances between the two reports, in this case, we have a clear consistency. Searching the web for papers associated with “Hathaway Consulting Services”, we get a few similar labelled papers, but written in different years to the AATIP paper, as follows:

Gravity Modification Experiment using a Rotating Superconducting Disk and Radio Frequency Fields - dated 2003

In which the team created a disk shaped superconducting object in an attempt to see if there was any modification to the weight (and therefore gravity modification) of the object. It appears that the experiment failed and there was no weight reduction reported. 

Experimental Considerations in Superconductor Gravity Experiments - dated 2012

This paper describes the considerations to take when performing gravity experiments and explains a few best practices in order to more properly measure mass or weight changes in superconducting objects. It appears that these objects are expected to be isolated from the ambient environment and to be switched between superconducting and non-superconducting states in order for any anomalies in mass or weight to be measured. This report comes after the AATIP study, so is likely inclusive of a lot of the same detail.

Interestingly, while searching around for further papers, I came across one (“Gravity Experiments with Superconductors: History and Lessons”) that redirected to the ARC (Aerospace Research Central) website that had a document titled “Frontiers of Propulsion Science” and is marked as being written by Marc G. Millis and Eric W. Davis. Amazingly, these are two further names and scientists that both presented papers reported in the list of DIRD reports. Here's page 2 showing both men present (Hathaway appears on page 1):

Marc G. Millis is simply reported as “G Millis” in the screenshot, but his association is Tau Zero and following a Google search it’s easy to determine that Marc is associated with this company. As is Eric Davis, since he is present on their Board of Directors.

Side note; Marc Millis was once employed as an propulsion physicist and aerospace engineer at NASA.

The paper that they wrote together must have presumably had either a section written by George Hathaway, or at least he is referenced within the document. The front cover to the book or document shows some interestingly shaped objects and craft flying from one celestial object to another:

The document appears to be behind a paywall, but some of the leading images are accessible at this link. Many of the writers within this paper are scientists that were contracted by the AATIP, or one of their related programs. Inclusive, predictably, of George Hathaway.

Closing Thoughts:

The more I investigate the scientists that were contracted by the US government, the more I see direct ties between them and their research. Fascinatingly, the majority of these papers and reports relate to psychic research, communication with non-human intelligence, apparent implanted devices, and propulsion techniques for spaceflight. Some of these people have worked at, have written papers for, or had work contracted by organisations such as NASA.

George Hathaway himself appears to have been involved in this research for many years. Unfortunately any references to psychic research is limited to the SETI paper he co-wrote. Although, Bruce Towe’s research in this area is directly related and his company is considered affiliated to Hathaway's. I wonder where the data from the Skinwalker Ranch experiments are kept and if they have further documented research into the rTMS communications. If such a thing exists.

Many of George Hathaway’s papers are not publicly available, although we can see many further pieces of research he has performed that I have not covered here, including; metamaterial analysis that was performed with Dr. Harold Puthoff, telepathic communications, a propulsion and inertia device (reminiscent of the now famous Navy patent), a free energy device, and even a significant past research that includes field research into "anomalous aerial phenomena" and things like levitation. While we don't appear to have access to data from these studies, the fact that they're listed on the website means we can safely assume that the results are, currently at least, private. It's clear to me that Dr. George Hathaway would be considered one of the members of what Jacques Vallée has referred to as "The Invisible College".


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