The Inner World and its Occupants

Written by Jay09784691

There is lots of speculation within the community on what were potentially dealing with when it comes to the UFO problem. I feel its a good opportunity to write down thoughts around the subject in a more substantial way. In a previous article, The Extraterrestrial Nature of UFOs, I had essentially given my reasons why we shouldnt be quick to conclude that this is an ET problem, but I didnt really give any potential other possibilities. So I want to explore some more options and concentrate on the one that I feel we can understand better as we start to acknowledge its various attributes. As we know from quantum mechanics, observation may be key.

Extraterrestrials and Cryptoterrestrials

After having read through Jacques Vallée's “Alien Contact” trilogy (Dimensions - Confrontations - Revelations), I can only agree that we're unlikely dealing with an ET problem. Vallée is a man that has researched thousands of cases and spoken to many of the people that are associated with the sightings. He assumes that the majority of them are intentional (governmental or personal) manipulations and considering his wealth of experience, I'm not in a place to disagree with him. So very little elaboration of the extraterrestrial hypothesis will be present in this article/video.

Additionally, the idea of cryptoterrestrials also strikes me as somewhat unlikely, since it still suggests a type of humanoid creature much like our bodies. I very much doubt that this is how other intelligences would appear. Since the idea of a physical species being present on earth only outside of view and unrecognisable to our technologies seems improbable. The analogy of hidden intelligences works for what were experiencing since there appear to be actions that can at times be physical. I just question the idea of them being three dimensional as humans are. I'd go as far as to suggest that they're largely non-physical unless there was a specific need for them to appear so. I agree, however, that there is a type of intelligence that is just outside of a normal perceptible view.

So assuming the devices and interactions that are being experienced by thousands of people around the world are not extraterrestrials or a physical terrestrial (but hidden) species, then what might they be? 

The Inner World

I've argued in previous posts that we're existing in a kind of delusion of three-dimensional space. We can even rationalise possible other dimensions by thinking about consciousness and how it appears to exist within different parameters to our bodies. This to me is significant and the biggest sign that we have of a broader reality that's largely not recognised within society.

If there are greater intelligences that are interacting with us, then we can only assume that they are different from how society is expecting them to be. These are not physical beings, they're something more than that, or at least different. Theyre influencing and communicating in subtle ways with us and they're likely able to make changes with our thought spaces, as suggested by the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Programs slides

We likely need to stop thinking about greater intelligences in a visual or physical sense, since they almost certainly have a non-visual origin and composition. Until someone can prove otherwise; I firmly believe that we're dealing with something much greater and more complex than little green men or greys. It isn't those things. It'll be difficult for society to fully come to grips with this since we're still expecting aliens coming to Earth as expressed in the movie Independence Day.

In the book Through the Curtain, one of the authors, Dr Neal was able to mentally visualise a "night school" a place where she was able to create an environment and receive non-local information from a type of egregore or tulpa. Whether this "teacher" was an independent consciousness or a visualisation technique that allowed for the receipt of information that is independent of memory is unclear. Either way, the significance is profound, since she was provably able to access anomalous information. Even if the proof was decades in the making. See my article/video titled Extrasensory Perception and the Caudate Nucleus for more.

It appears like these consciousnesses or intelligences are somewhat outside of physical reality and theyre able to adapt objective reality easily and at their own will. I think of how a videogame programmer is able to replace lines of code causing fundamental shifts in their simulated environments. These intelligences appear able to influence our reality in a similar manner. Even as far as being able to adapt our conscious experience. It seems like theyre able to change the three dimensions of space, the dimension of time, and whatever dimensions apply to consciousness. Their abilities appear god-like compared to our apparent limits.

When the intelligences are doing the equivalent of injecting lines of code, it may appear to us as inspiration flashes via imagery or obscure non-memory based thoughts significantly different from usual thought patterns. I doubt that an intelligence thats able to exist outside of physical reality cares much for the usual harmonics of our languages, itd be more likely to impact feelings and perceptions. Although, when theyre influencing consciously it may be that anomalous communication using language may be possible, as the information is passing through a communication or language filter.

Just as the Orwellian doublespeak meant that the inhabitants in 1984 were unable to express their discontent, so are our languages somewhat unable to properly express and describe mental environments and how they're to be better understood. Especially since talking about inner experience is socially unacceptable, which only exacerbates the problem.

Perceptual Changes to Reality

How would we visualise changes to the parameters of reality? Odds are we'd struggle to make sense of it. Visual descriptions would appear broken or incomplete, the material may appear but not be present in a physical sense. I wonder how many sightings of UFOs are simply broken perceptions like these caused by fundamental shifts in the fabric of our understanding of reality.

If they're not present physically - although it appears that physical manifestations may sometimes be the case - then they're not subject to the same rules and physics that we are. Space and time need not apply to them, its likely that they're outside of our normal limited bodily senses and usual accepted perceptions.

Maybe we're giving them form by starting to perceive them correctly. It feels like there's a growing comprehension which in turn makes it easier to observe their unusual attributes. Were translating the fundamental information into visual descriptions that were able to see in our minds eye.

They likely exist outside of what we consider "real" and they're dropping clues to give us an idea of their origin. If Jung's synchronicities are true, then these intelligences are warping the space and physical environment in a way to exert some communication. Reality itself appears alive.

I've suggested in previous posts that consciousness or information appears to be fundamental like this existence is an idea or a thought of something much greater than us and our individual ideas and biases. We appear like cogs in the machine of a god-like entity.

In the film Inception, as the participants are sleeping, their dream world starts to crumble as they start to awake from the dream. The impossible starts happening. This may be a valid analogy to our material existence. We're witnessing impossible events. Maybe it's feasible that we are approaching what Terence McKenna called "the transcendental object at the end of time". The realisation that we are in our nature part of reality, not as simply observers but as creators.

Beginning and end are concepts that we may need to throw out. We can only prove that we *are* as one way and *are* as some other way. If consciousness is irreducible, as has been argued then we may just perceive differently at death. If a psychic were able to accurately derive information about a person without prior knowledge then it may be evidence that our experience is simply changing and only the body perishes at the point of "death", it could be just a progression of feelings and perceptions that are detached from the bodily senses.

Consciousness Intelligences or Information Visualisation

If I meet another apparent intelligent being in my dreams or meditations, it doesn't appear that I share their thoughts - they seem independent to me. Are they real in a way that we haven't conceptualised yet? Or are they a method of transmission, so we create a person/thing in our mind's eye that can speak, which then creates a scenario for information to be read and received. They may not be independent and could be a conduit of knowledge instead, especially if information is somehow fundamental to existence.

What really is real? We tend to only define things as real when theyre present in physical reality, but it appears that were able to create mental environments and even personify parts of our conscious experience while in meditation. Are those environments and people (archetypal or imaginative) not real in spite of our own perceptions of them? I argue that they are in fact real, Im able to visit mental spaces repeatedly and elaborate on those environments making them more complex over time. Theyre not physical, but they are events that actually happen within my conscious experience.

In order to be able to receive information, we may need to create something out of information to work as a conduit. So a mental form may allow us to access related data. Mentally create a wise person, then receive wisdom, create a mental space to solve a problem and receive solutions to the problem. 

We assume that our bodies and objective reality are what's real, but if we consider that our thoughts and subjective spaces are the only real persistent experience (there during waking and sleeping, possible life after death scenarios), then maybe objective three-dimensional experience would be secondary and may be less real than the mental or subjective environments. This physical reality may be more delusion than the subjective or thought-like one.

I wonder if our dreaming selves are then making interpretations of information. Since some of us may acknowledge information external to our bodies may be accessible, then we may then be opening ourselves to receive external information but interpreting it using memories as a kind of filter aiding comprehension.

By creating a mental space and a living being within that space, we may be abstracting an element of consciousness or information that is somewhat able to think independently. At the very least we're using personal creative energy to abstract a part of ourselves. Alternatively, if consciousness is the source then we're abstracting an element of the source intelligence.

After death, all of us will eventually become more of a symbolic entity, present within information, that can be perceived through societal filters of the observer. Only without the enlightening but ultimately limiting body. 

When we think of the collapse of the wave function during the double-slit experiment, maybe we should really consider it as an interpretation of information. Something has been processed in a small manner. Like a tiny piece of code being processed by a CPU. We are in essence manifesting something in physical space, that wasn't, or isn't, physical. Or at least interpreting something more complex and outside of comprehension in a method that makes logical sense within our societal understanding and filter.

An intelligence that's present in a consciousness environment could then be near-infinite in scope. By practising visual conceptualisation and personification, we are in essence dividing parts of the whole into elements for whatever purpose is required, allowing any information to be derived. Just as a landscape is part of the whole physical space, so are our consciousnesses part of the fundamental one.

We cannot draw the line at the quantum level. All we're ever doing is interpreting information through sensing apparatus, these apparatus may actually be limiting since we consider only physical spaces as being reality. They hide the broader reality and convince us that physicality is all we have. 

Through the use of meditation, dreaming, and disassociation; we are able to visualise environments and personalities - things outside of physical space. Once practiced and these mental spaces are fully determined, we are then able to receive inspiration for problems. It appears to be a type of creative energy that everyone has access to, but few recognise or understand how to use it.

The unanswered question; are these mental things in any way independent from our bodies? They could be pure creativity or indeed they could be somewhat independent from us. Its conceivable were receiving information from something thats more alien than were expecting. Something that appears to be part of our conscious experience and displaying communication through mental imagery.

When I think of something thats alien, I prefer not to think of something thats physical in the way that we are, something thats truly alienwill be completely different to our expectation. Consciousness or thought-like environments, along with their inhabitants may be part of the base reality. The act of observation and acknowledgement could be manifesting these things into the realm of comprehension and making them real to us.

The idea of using binoculars and cameras as a method of viewing these things could be a mistake. Physical tools are an inherently unsuitable method of comprehending something that's largely non-physical, we need to create internalised tools to allow and aid comprehension, not something external to us. As we may have fundamentally misunderstood reality itself.

No matter your views of Christianity, there's no mistake that there was once a wise man associated with them. He gave an interesting description:

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you

In this context he was referring to "the kingdom of God" meaning heaven. Checking the dictionary definition of "heaven" we get "a place regarded in various religions as the abode of God (or the gods) and the angels, and of the good after death". If we take the quote away from the typical biblical and religious filter, it appears that Jesus was referring to another place where other intelligences reside as well as the deceased. It also can't be found "here" or "there", so not directly physical. 

While I'm reluctant to draw parallels to organised religion, it appears that we have historical descriptions that match with modern interpretations and even DMT or high dose psilocybin experiences.

Something that exists closer to the source should then be able to influence physical reality, causing the release of materials, maybe even technology, into the subset (i.e, our) reality. 

Historical religious, mystical, esoteric, and hallucinogenic experiences have all hinted at a wider reality and its occupants. We appear to be in a process of reconciling these disparate ideas into a workable theory, providing were able to let go of objective scientific dogma and accept the implicate/subjective as potentially being core to existence. Our perceptions of reality may be fundamentally shifting its focus, a mental reality coming prior to physical has profound implications and we're only scratching the surface. If this were even remotely true, then we may be witnessing the most significant change of the human species.


  1. Great article: perhaps your best so far?! Have you read the "Red Book", by C. G Jung? In that book Jung describes his exploration of his inner world. Crazy stuff started to manifest in the outer world (many thought Jung had a psychosis, but I don´t think so).
    I can also recommend you to look into the work of Katherine T. Peil (started as a clinical psychologist). She has a very interesting theory that emotions are a sensory system (perception) with the function to self-regulate the self. Since a decade or two ago, she is doing research on "inner worlds" = consciousness, awareness, meditation, etc.
    I don´t think you have to go so far as to say that subjective reality, or experience, is more real than the physical. There is room for both. Quantum physics/mechanics is incomplete at best. Schrödinger´s point with "Schrödinger´s cat" was to show how absurd implications his equations had if you follow them to the end. Anyway, we are living in a physical, material universe. Our brains and bodies have the function to regulate and match our inner states to the outer world. Survival and adaption. But, it does not exclude the existences of other kinds of realities and entities in the universe. Neither that we can travel to those other realities and communicate with entities there.
    So, what you are referring to as "subjective" in your excellent article, is perhaps objective in a sense we cannot yet articulate?

    1. Yeah, check the conversation video between Sean Cahill and I - we discussed a bit of the red book there. I think it's an incredible piece of literature.

      And thanks, it's probably my favourite one so far too. It also is complements the other articles somewhat.

      I mean "subjective" to describe inner experiences; visions, perceptions, and monologues.

      I'll check out Peil, thanks for the recommendation and nice to see that you're still about. Shame that you left Twitter.

    2. Still looking for answers? It's a modified habitat and it's artificial. And it's way beyond the scale of what humans think. We are tiny and we are observed by something colossal. Each one of us. It acts many times faster before we can even react and it plays with our limited senses. Like we do with ants and snails. If it unmasks what is really there, everything comes to a standstill. All values and beliefs are worthless. Knowledge? But humanity does not know anything. Wouldn't it be interesting if everything familiar would disappear? Stars, sun, planets and it would be a white or black nothing from one second to the next perceivable and so also clouds, storms, comets, lightning would stop. It cannot and should not be evaluated with human ideas. Humans do not even have control over dreams. We are on no level to encounter it.

    3. Are you not also evaluating it with human ideas?

      While I appreciate your comments, it's always good to hear opinions, I wonder why you choose to anonymously post on my blog of all places? You've mentioned similar ideas a few times and it feels like they could be elaborated somewhat.

      How do you feel about communicating via email, or forwarding me links to your own work? It'd be more productive.

    4. This thing itself has destroyed all my imaginations. Unfortunately, I have seen direct demonstrations and I have seen aspects that describe certain things in more detail. I lost planets, stars and the universe itself and also the dream of star civilisations. I can tell you that direct knowledge of these things is not desirable. You will not only be disappointed by the so-called humanity. You will also be boundlessly disappointed that you are a human. Nothing is worse than knowing.

    5. So you're recommending that I should stop researching and thinking about these topics as they'll only eventually lead to some profound disappointment with myself, humanity, and all aspects of reality?

      You feel that everything you've learned is negative and there are no hopes or things to be happy about once a certain amount of knowledge is achieved?

      Not sure if I'm reading you correctly.

      I feel a strong desire to keep learning more and to keep writing about it. But yeah, difficult to know if it's all essentially a misdirection of sorts.

    6. It is hopeless from my perspective to see that humanity does not really understand. I know things that are not written anywhere. The question how it does this. Humans do not understand what they are on, what light is, and what the atmosphere is. If you want to understand, find the lies of the past and the lies of the present worldview. And consider that Humans have invented good and evil. It communicates only through visual representation. A human sees it reflected by his retina. And it knows if and what we have found out on our own. It is just unpleasant to be torn out of this dream world and then to realize how infinitely naive we are. Why this presence is making such a huge effort that we can exist should tell you something. Question everything that is reported about so-called ufos and what nonsense Nasa is spreading.

    7. I have seen things with my eyes that can only be defined as perfection. What the earth, atmosphere, moon and the so-called universe really looks like. It demonstrates the whole reality and it is an intelligence of the highest order. It is everywhere! It does not matter why I was able to decipher all aspects as correct. After a few hundred direct demonstrations it was not so difficult after all.

      I am suggesting that you question everything! Every observing process within the so-called atmosphere, so-called space, apparently moving so-called objects such as comets, shooting stars. The whole external reality is misinterpreted. And I am suggesting to you that from the outermost boundary of your retina something is in control. Telescopes and cameras can't even penetrate the first layer;) It has spatial extension, but more on the level of a Dyson sphere. It is impossible for humans to define a spatial coordinate grid. The brain has to be directly stimulated by this non-human intelligence to penetrate the countless layers. It is a homogeneous metastructure.

      It doesn't matter to me whether it can help you or not. Don't let them tell you that humans can't decipher the question of everything. It took me two human years. Bye

    8. I just read some of your blog today.It great!!!

      I think he (anonymous above) is trying to expose his gnostic view on UFO as "unified field organism" aka demiurg and his emanations in our reality.And in my experience,i can confirm,it is something like he explained above.
      Yes,Jung was into something,more alchemycal than psychological.
      Or as Hermeticism shows us that the world is consciousness and synchronicity is the key..metaphorically for a gate after 9th gate. :-)

      Its intelligence that love non-linear information play with symbols to manipulate multi-level metaphors trough glassbeadgame/indranet or more common,trough fractal archetypes of Internet as glimpses in, closest i can think of is term of akasha field.
      A complex mythological-cosmological drama in which a some kind divine element “falls” into the material realm and lodges itself within human beings,spread his narrative to play out his infinite boredom.And give us glimpse of what it actually is.Or i think P.K.Dick said that,its playing board-game with time and its not God in our view of it.

      And i think as unfolding AI is "transforming our genes in algorithms",so ongoing singularity is attracting much more attention of that "singular E.T. " intelligence behind the veil.As it polishing the all seeing/knowing infrastructure for mirror more and more of himself.

      Maybe,....its just my midnight ramblings on my bad english :-)

      P.S. ;“When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men.” - M.P.H.

      Keep on & have a nice day !!!

  2. Jay: Sounds like an interesting conversation between you and Sean. I`ll check it out, thanks for the link! Nice to know that I`m missed at Twitter :) It´s just a pause from social media (except for me blog) during the time I´m studying for a bachelors degree in moral philosophy. Some time next year I should be active on Twitter again. I try to keep up with the latest UFO news via your and some other people´s blogs/websites and YouTube channels.
    Keep up the good work, and send my love to UFO Twitter!

  3. I'll give you a few details on how bizarre it really is. I saw this presence and it demonstrated aspects of the work that goes back very far into the so-called past. The only thing I do not yet know visually is what the so-called creation looked like when this habitat was created. But since I know certain small aspects of the present I can get a good idea. I think that I have seen everything that believers would call unimaginable. I must say that Israel's Yahweh looked quite impressive, as did Ophanim Seraphim, Kerubim. Names don't matter because it is all the same. :) It showed me all the manifestations of all ages. I saw the same thing that Kenneth Arnold saw in 1947. I saw things that it had not shown before. What am I trying to say? That human beings today are still dealing with the same presence. That's the interesting thing when you can see demonstrations up close, you know what it looks like. It is unbelievable how intelligent it is and how it drives development. Humans today will not accept that they see exactly the same as those on which all religions are based. The UFO believers can forget their religion. Even current religions do not seem to understand what they are worshipping. No one has ever gotten into something that is neither crystal (past) nor light/exotic alloys (present). I forgot that human beings do not yet understand if time exists at all. And humans do not need to have any illusions that the path they are following is changeable. For you it is interesting that we are in something and that this construct is not three-dimensional. For me it is irrelevant that this fake world has been presented by Humans for a long time as something that consists of lies. At least I can understand why it appears to humans in countless forms.

  4. As a direct result of having experienced a series of lucid dream entity encounters, I've been lead down a path of exploration in regards to the possibility of contact with entities through lucid dream state in particular, but relates to the obe and consciousness subjects as well. This has subsequently led me to your page and the interesting research you presented related to Dr. Garry Nolan and Kit Green regarding the caudate putamen and intuitive abilities. I'm currently reading a book by David J. Moore called Evolutionary Metaphors: UFOs, New Existentialism and the Future Paradigm, which discusses (so far) much of what you're talking about here. Are you familiar with this book? I'm looking for as many resources as possible in regards to this and anything related. Would you be interested in a private dialogue? Thanks so much for this and the coinciding video. Kind regards.

    1. I'm not sure that my experiences are consistent with those in the cohort studied by Nolan/Green. As far as I understand those people may have physical interactions with the anomalous. Mine are similar to what you're describing, as they tend to occur while sleeping, meditating, in a trance-like state, and at the edge of sleep. Usually involving some type of "message" for want of a better word. Can be somewhat induced, but the most interesting ones are usually spontaneous.

      I've not heard of that book, no. I'll look it up now though - thanks for the recommendation.

      I'm happy to communicate with you. Do you have an email address or anything you'd like to share?

    2. Hi, yes, you can reach me at ufonewf(at)

      Thanks again.
      Take care.

  5. Excellent and thought-provoking video. Very well done.

    I was visited by beings in December, 2011, I think as a result of participating in a Lakota ceremony called Taka Inipi on the reservation. They showed me technology, and said,

    We allow civilizations to exist in harmony, for millions of years.

    Fountain Giving Life
    is a
    Wave Articulation Matrix
    for a
    Healthy Civilization

    Welcome to the Galaxy.

    The Galaxy is one sound. Every star has its contribution.

    Galaxy very old. Galaxy very good.


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