UFO Communication and Dimensional Information

Information can be dimensional. It can be sent within height, width, and depth - while adapting those parameters and objects that are contained within them. Everything we witness within day-to-day reality is informational, there is always some type of data that we're processing. Synchronicities and divination may be forms of dimensional information.

Why be concerned with language when communication can be far more complex, and contain details not easily communicated verbally? These anomalous dimensional Information could be self-propagating, once they're sent they could be releasing continuous data for their subjects. 

Just as information can be dimensional, also physical reality is well established as being dimensional. It doesn't require a huge stretch of the imagination to consider that thoughts may also be both dimensional and informational - consider that information itself may simply be unrecognised dimensions. If that would be any way true, then much more complex intelligences would communicate in a way that would encompass all of those things. So their communications may effect physical reality (think Jung's synchronicities) and also the thoughts of individuals, in seemingly telepathic-like way. Not only that, but maybe also through time. 

Considering that these intelligences can move beyond and outside of space-time, then they're not subject to our linear experience of time. Nor the same limitations within physical reality. They move outside of these things, they are not defined by them in the same way that humans are. These intelligences are not describable using our usual methods. Expecting a hyper intelligence to fit neatly within a geometric box is an overwhelmingly na├»ve conclusion. 

Their communications will be complex and incredibly difficult to comprehend. So much so that even if they were to try and communicate with every human simultaneously, a spectacular majority would immediately disregard that information as not fitting within their reality bubble. It would take a miraculous, and likely planned, series of events in order for people to begin to accept those communications.

A higher intelligence would communicate using height, width, depth, non-linear time, and people's thought processes. Likely also dimensional structures that we can't currently comprehend.
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result"
unknown or Albert Einstein

The extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) requires us to have a fairly full understanding of reality. If reality were to be significantly more complex than we're currently understanding, then the ETH is woefully inadequate.

The fact that these objects appear to be able to adjust reality and predict events, these things may themselves invalidate the ETH. Since those acts are themselves outside of space and time. As might be the DMT experience, since it too suggests some other, or broader reality. Taken this way it's increasingly implausible that we're dealing with ET.

ETH requires that these non-human intelligences come from a point in space, like another planet in some other solar system, but their non-verbal messaging contradicts that. They appear to be outside of space-time; they have knowledge outside of time (e.g., Nimitz cap point known ahead of schedule) and are able to move in a way that implies three-dimensional space doesn't physically apply to them (e.g., blinking in and out of physical space). 

An intelligence that's outside of space-time therefore cannot be extraterrestrial. At least no time recently. 

Christopher Mellon suggesting ET can mean one of three things; 1. He has direct inside knowledge validating those claims, 2. He is concluding based on incomplete information, or 3. He is purposely wanting people to believe in aliens. Until relevant evidence is presented, then I'm inclined to think that 2 is the most likely.

No negative criticism of those folks intended, more than those viewpoints likely indicate that they're the same as the majority; taking guesses at the potential source of the phenomenon.

The phenomenon is outside of both time and space. These things are so beyond normal human expectation, so advanced that we cannot accurately pigeonhole it as ET.

Reality delusion

Our entire perception of reality may itself be delusional. Everything about this physical existence seems to be a kind of distraction to other activities that are happening. It seems like we're involved in other processes that are purposely blinded to us during "waking" experience. We often wake feeling like we've had some kind of profound experience that's immediately dulled by sensation, memories, and worries as we transition back to this place. The profundity is lost.

So invested are we in this place that we accept that loss, while we think of the mundane and made-up values we've associated with this world. How to increase salary, what product to purchase, which location to photograph ourselves. We tie ourselves firmly into this incredibly narrow window of perception.

Numbers are analgised concepts to help understand something. We can additionally create other, more abstract, concepts to help understand things too. Numbers are a simply descriptive method to make sense of experience. As stated in the Information Conceptualisation article, I think it's likely that we have other means to understand. Visualisation methods allow us to derive what we can only currently describe as “anomalous” information, since we have not accepted these types of communications within our picture of reality.

A hyper intelligence would have access to these visualisation methods as part of their normal perceptual processing. They'd be well defined within the intelligences’ sense of what's “real”. In order to broaden humanity’s scope perceptually, a higher intelligence may try to introduce these concepts to willing participants. A difficult idea digest without the grounding with accepted physical teachings.

As reality likely has a higher dimensional structure than we're currently able to accurately describe, people could be adjusting their senses to encompass more parameters to help understand that more complex structure. 


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